Indian Herbal Hair Care: Traditional Indian Herbal Hair Oil Recipe


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I just wanted to share with you all my recipe for a traditional indian herbal hair oil. While herbal oils varies throughout communities, families, and just personal preferences among others. I would say that this one mostly represents an oil similar to the Neelibrighandi oil made among the Keralites. This oil in my personal experience makes my kinky coily hair soft, shiny, moisturized and strong. If you cannot find most of these ingredients you can simply make an oil of coconut oil with hibiscus and fenugreek which are readily available here in the US.

The Recipe (This recipe can make about 14-16 ozs of oil)


8 0z. of unrefined coconut oil (1 cup)

4 oz. of sesame seed oil (1/2 cup)

3 tablespoons of castor oil

2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil


2 tablespoons of amla powder

1 tablespoon of ground fenugreek powder

2 tablespoons of hibiscus flowers or powder

1 tablespoon of brahmi powder

1 tablespoon of henna

1 tablespoon of indigo

*2 tablespoons of coconut milk powder

4 curry leaves

*traditionally coconut milk thats not in powder form is used, but for for the sake of not having to refrigerate my oil I use coconut milk powder , however you can still use coconut milk if you prefer, just keep the oil refrigerated.


First, combine all oils and place in a regular saucepan. Put over low heat and let simmer until oil is  hot but not bubbling. You do not want to burn the oil which can easily happen so take care to watch over the oil. For me, it took around 15 minutes for the oil to be heated thoroughly but this can highly depend on your personal stove.

Once oil is heated, add all herbs then take saucepan off of the stove.  Pour oil and herbs into a heat resistant jar (such a the glass jar above) and let sit at least overnight so that the herbs can infuse , if you can let the herbs infuse for at least a week that would be even better.

Once you have let the herbs steep in the oil you can strain the herbs either through a cheesecloth or fine strainer.

Once you have done this you can enjoy your oil!

How to use

– you can use this oil on your hair daily, twice daily, or every other day for moisture, shine, and protection.

-you can also use this oil as a pre wash conditioning treatment once a week. Just 5 tbsps of oil, apply to hair, then wrap your hair in a hot towel turban style. Let sit for a minimum one hour or at maximum for overnight. The next day rinse and wash your hair as usual. You can also apply to damp hair after wash to seal in moisture.



Hare Kirshna!


These are a few photos that I took a few weeks ago during the Indian Festival. Me and a few friends of mine stumbled upon the festival close to the end of it so i really did not get too many pictures. Hope that you guys enjoy!






I do not know anyone in these photos so if anyone happen to stumble upon my site and are in any of these photos please notify me so i ca include your name within the sources 🙂




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the healthy hair and skin snack: dahi (yogurt) with dates, honey, and oats.


so, yea basically this snack is the beauty snack of beauty snacks and just delicious period.


lets break this down shall we..


yogurt has many goodies such as the b viatmins, calcium, lactic acid , and proteins. these are some of the most beneficial things for our hair and skin. components such as lactic acid aids in our constantly renewing cells which aids in this process, both internally and externaly. can someone say age reversal?


honey is a major antibacterial and humectant. by honey having antibacterial properties it has a purifying affect and by it having humectant properties the moisture that it provides adds a etra plumpness to our skin and strands.


dates are a great source of iron which aids in the circulation of the blood flow and cells within our body. (they are also very delicious).


while oats do not have an internal effect on what happens to our appearance on the outside(it does however when used externaly). they still contain many carbohydrates and vitamins that can be healthy for us 

how to make it

1 cup of whole fat yogurt (dahi)

5 dates

2 tablespoons of oats

1/2 tablespoon of honey


combine all of the ingredients together and enjoy!


i also eat this lovely concoction as a quick breakfast as well with an extra tablespoon of oats to add a filling component.

who is beedanni and why should we care.


currently, beedani is on the brink of a suicidal explosion. so it was vital for me to make this blog. yes, VITAL.

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it was necessary for me to make this blog not only for the fact that i have to empty out the many ideas and things that ive been having the shakes to share, but to hopefully be a last resort for me to have an outlet that forces me not to focus on the negativity that im so used to.

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what is honey and mah-lay?!?


so after two posts i figured its time for an introduction, no?

my name is beedanni and i made my blog honeyandmalai to share my obsession with traditional indian herbal care (skin, hair, household, etc),  photography of epic everyday things, a few of my graphic designs here and there and some etc. stuff….

my goal is to hopefully share all of my inspiration and ideas that compile in my head on a daily basis with others and also learn from my fellow beings along the way. I would also like to have features of all kinds, sweepstakes, and other things as well in the near future.

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some curry chicken on my burrito babay! :)


photos copyrighted by beedanni. please if you do take some put a link to my blog underneath. thanks!


… this right here… THIS RIGHT HERE… was lick-the-plate delicious. minha tia made it for me and once I had that first bite my very exhausted day was not enough for me not to have the strength the lift my spoon. It was so good I had to take a picture up close and personal so you can have a smidget of smellavision in your life.


the side salad with the tomato, arugula, and spinach was delicious as well of course (hehehe). Unfortunately I cant give a recipe, because well, its not mine. But I hope the pictures satisfy your obvious salivation enough. Until next post…